To all Junior Club members.

New junior competitions organised by David Graham have been placed onto the web site. So please go to junior page for more information.
Thank you

Important Notice:

Padlocks to Club Premises.
Recently, one of the padlocks to the club compound was reported as not working. On examination it was found that the lock had reportedly been filled with graphite grease and this had been the reason that it had stopped working.
I am therefore requesting that members should not attempt to lubricate the locks in future but report any problems to me and I will investigate.
Alec Harmer {Club Chairman}.

The Story they never wanted Told.

This story is for all the anglers in the club, like myself who never seem to win. This story begins on the 12th February on a recreational trip in Poole Harbour.
Just imagine 7 top anglers from our club, the Derek Smith's and Robin Lane's etc the creme la creme of the club plus a top charter skipper all going out for a day's floundering in Poole Harbour.
All hopeing to come back with flounders aplenty.
Well this story has a happy ending for all the flounders in Poole Harbour. WHY!!!!
Because they not only did not catch any, they never even had a bite, not one little nibble, not one little touch. And they moved 4 times, Yes 4 times.
So what's the moral of this story ?

Well it just shows that even the best can at times just like the rest of us fail miserably.


These two superb ABU boat and shore reels have been generously donated to the club by Art Savage on behalf of West Wight Charter Skipper's Association, and club member Barry Cooper - a big 'thank-you' to0 them both. Both reels retail for over £100 and it has been decided to raffle them off to help fund the Club's numerous activities, including our Junior Section.
Separate tickets are available for either reel and cost £1.00 each and the draw will take place at our Club's Social Evening & B.B.Q. on the 24th June. The reels will be available to view at Robin's tackle evenings until then. Tickets can be purchased from Alec Harmer, Robin Lane, Colin Saunders, Andy Hopkins, Roly Blomfield and Terry Kempton. The raffle is also open to non-club members.

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